Union Estate Plantation House to be converted into a museum.

photo_verybig_1544It is now 2 years since government internal audits revealed issues with the management and finances of the Union Estate on La Digue.  The Estate has always been a popular attraction for tourists, but the house has noticeably fallen into disrepair and has been closed to tourists for quite some time.  It now seems plans have been finalised to convert the house into a museum to preserve the cultural heritage of the island.

A place for the Seychelles third most populated island of La Digue to showcase its cultural and historical identity to its visitors – that is the aim of plans to turn the old and unused plantation house on the island into a museum.

The traditional plantation house, known in Creole as the “Grann Kaz” which is the most iconic building at L’Union Estate, is currently standing unused in the middle of the property which spreads over some 300 hectares of land, owned by the Seychelles government.

Plans are now well underway to restore the old traditional planter’s house, which is a national monument, to its original architecture and give it a purpose.

– See more at: http://www.seychellesnewsagency.com/articles/1544/Preserving+an+island%27s+culture+and+history+-+Seychelles%27+traditional+plantation+house+transforming+into+museum